2023 Blues CafeRyan S.

We were there all of Friday and Saturday. Loved it.

Only complaint is it got louder as it went on. 3 of the five I was with said something Before I noticed, but yeah. The sound Tech kept bringing up the sound on each performer after their first song or so. To the point we just stayed up in the balcony, the sound quality was great . Even way in the back . Just to loud.

Can’t wait for the next show

Robin K.

Ivy Ford was Great! Liked all of em! I liked seeing “Big Dog, ” between sets! Keep up the good work!

Katherine E.

Great venue, great dance floor! The line up this year was outstanding! The food is good. Thanks for letting us wait inside when the wind chill was -20. The volunteers are always friendly and helpful. I have probably told a dozen people in the past week what a great job GNBS does with both of their shows each year and this one was no exception. IF I had to complain about something… could we get a new wrist band on Saturday so we don’t have to wear the one that gets soaked in the pool, shower or hot tub after Friday night??

Mike G.

I think you run one of the better shows in the region. I like that there is no VIP. Lineup was great, really good variety. It’s nice to see other not so typical bands for a change. Venue is good. The times the event runs is spot on. The hours that bands play at is good. Don’t ever do Sundays. Other than that, keep doing what you’re doing.

Debra P.

I really liked Ivy Ford and The Jimmys. Beyond that it would be really nice to have hot coffee or hot tea available. Also I don’t feel the music in between sets is necessary – personally I’d like a noise break. The seating is fine. The food vendors were ok. Overall yes it’s pretty much the same year to year, but of course the beauty of it is live music in March and thus it is inside. Venue is fine, good location- simple parking.

Nina P.

I rank this year’s event right up at the top of the list. Acts were outstanding (especially loved Harrison Street and Ivy Ford), food was great (greater variety – the vegan option for pasta salad and the fruit salads were very much appreciated), and the best beer lasted until the very end! Having the shuttle available AND having it run early to get us there in time to nab some tables was much appreciated. You guys put on an awesome weekend, and we are still talking about it. THANK YOU.

Sue B.

I loved the show, the new people we met doing volunteering and of course the hall!

Rick W.

Great show as always. The bands were phenomenal. The only complaint I would have, the last three bands were a bit loud. Even back by the food and merchandise, you had to nearly shout to hear anyone.

Ken P.

Great job by everyone. Food was great.