Can’t Stop the Blues

Sorry it’s been so long to add or update the website, but the mood has been somewhat somber.

If you’re itchin’ to watch some live blues, check out the Can’t Stop the Blues Facebook page.

These folks are trying to put together a concise list of virtual and live performances for our viewing pleasure.

2020 Blues Café Videos

Dear friends, family, GNBS members, Blues Café attendees, and our corporate sponsors,

The past week has been a very difficult and and stressful time for us at the GNBS. The COVID-19 situation, and the timing of it, nearly caused us to cancel the Blues Café for 2020. Putting things in simple terms – it is likely that not holding the event would have meant the end of the Great Northern Blues Society, as it would have completely drained our financial resources.

We made the very difficult decision to proceed because we had already invested thousands of dollars, and were committed to spending thousands more. The entertainers were on their way here, so thought a logical way to proceed was to:

  1. Inform all potential attendees that if they are feeling ill at all, to please stay home.
  2. If anyone was uncomfortable coming to our show, they could return their tickets to us for an equal number of tickets to next year’s show. No questions asked.
  3. If you felt comfortable coming to the show, it is your decision to do so, and we will do what we can to insure as safe an environment as possible.

We felt comfortable with our attendees making the adult decision to do what they felt was comfortable for them on an individual basis.

We obviously did not want anyone to get sick, and did what we could do to keep risk at a minimum. There were several other events in the Wausau area that continued last weekend, and we are sure it was equally stressful for them as well.

We hope you understand our position, and will continue to support our society, as we do many good things for the surrounding community that would be sorely missed if we were no longer here.

Thank you from the bottom of our blues-loving hearts!

The GNBS Board of Directors